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overlap fence panels

"Working closely with AVS Fencing to provide the best quality materials..."

Fencing Materials: Industries
overlap fence panels

Pressure treated overlap panel 6ft x 6ft

Our main goal is to get the job done right, every single time. Fencing projects can sometimes get complicated, but with our experience, we know how to tackle the most common challenges that arise.

closeboard fence panels

Pressure treated closeboard panel 6ft x 6ft

We understand the unique challenges that come with our clients’ residential projects.
Our specialised services provide unrivalled expertise and innovative solutions, customised to fit every particular need in the most cost-effective way.

slotted concrete posts

Rotting fence posts?

With replacement slotted concrete fence posts you never need to worry about ever replacing them.

concrete fence spurs

Fence post repair

One relatively inexpensive way of stabilising sagging fences is to secure the posts to concrete fence spurs. Digging down to 2 feet and securing with fast-setting Postcrete is a very effective solution.

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